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Supposedly, the "Black & White Original Pomade" is the favorite pomade of a famous Rock'n'Roll singer from Memphis / Tennessee. By the way, she is also the No. 1 pomade in England.

Black and White is produced in the USA and has existed since 1922. The place of production is Memphis Tennessee, the place where Elvis lived. 

This classic pomade has already been used by many well-known personalities, according to  Elvis Presley, Kevin Costner, Tiger Woods or KD Lang have used the products of Black and White. Black & White is particularly popular in England and the USA and is regularly represented in national newspapers and gloss magazines. The pomade came to England in the late 1950s and developed into a cult status in the swinging Sixties. The popularity has not let down since. In the 1990s the "Black & White Pomade" was nominated by the Times as the "Top 40 products of all times". 

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